i will perfom on Fiday.,-



🥰 With a completely new Setup and new Soft- and Hardware

Music Video for Takumi Motokawa


Telegram group for VJ and AV events and technique and announcements:






exited to make Live Cinema on 30.12.2002 in the fabulous Kili Soli Party!

Kili Soli Party


Music Video for Zustand D. - While My Mind Gently Errorzzz

Music : Lena Wenta | http://wenta.ws/

Video : Thomas Tirel | https://audioframes.de/


Music Video for :

Silnaye: KATZY UND SONNESCHEIN AND THE CELESTIAL BODIES | Music Video by www.audioframes.de | SuckPuck Recordz | https://suckpuck.com

Very happy to play at Synergy - Vorspiel Transmediale / CTM 2020 - Backsteinboot with the Corean Artist & Musician Samin Son and VJ MVI at Saturday 18. 1. 21.30 Oclock http://www.backsteinboot.info Eiswerderstrasse 18, D Berlin

See here : https://www.facebook.com/events/2433840070197358

excited to perform for the First Time in Berlin .....i will play as MVI alongside with Chemical Adam in the marvelous Kili at the most exciting Breakxit Party with Artists from UK:

https://www.facebook.com/events/425301048076681/ Date: 29.11.2019 Place: Kulturhaus Kili Wiesenweg 5-9, 10365 Berlin