At the age of 16, I discovered that my brain is wired differently from 99% of other people. I am a synesthete, which means I perceive vivid spatial images when I hear music. This unique ability has always been a fundamental part of my artistic life.

Over the course of 50 years, I have gained extensive experience working with all types of software, hardware, and state-of-the-art techniques to visualize sound in real-time. My goal is to make this experience accessible to everyone, including those who are not synesthetes yet.

Synesthetes exhibit measurable higher brain activity and are able to handle the high density of information in today's society with greater ease.

You can find more information about synesthesia and living with connected senses in this video:



I don't want to imitate aesthetics, but rather create them.
And create super-synchronized audiovisual spaces that collapse into a black hole in that moment of silence.
It's also advantageous that I am an audiovisual synesthete.
Music instantly creates a 4-dimensional sound sculpture in my mind.


I am currently working on a #Neuro_Abundance_Manifest.

Neuro Abundacne Manifest

with the Advent of working, functioning #AI all future audiovisual Art will be inspired or initially created by the Imagination Skill of the Wetware of the Human brain.

The proof for this concept has been given by solving the Riddle of the #Retinotopy asked for with my BIOS Project in 2003 by Artificial Intelligence.

Ai also already could in a proof of concept generate the sound the person was hearing : by analysing the brainwaves of the person the sound was played to!!! .,-

If this interface can be inverted - then:

In the Future there might not be the slightest Delay between imagining a Melody, Rhythm ,  Sound, or audiovisual Cinema and its recording nor spreading simultaneously to the Masses.

Those with the Highest Imaginative Potencial might be the real creator Superstars.


I dont want to imitate any aestetic -but create my own!

and generate super- synchronous audiovisual spaces - which collapes in black hole when its silent.

Music instantly creates in my mind an ever changing audiovisual 4 -dimensional sound sculpture .,-


Ich will keine Ästhetik imitieren, sondern kreieren.

Und Super-synchrone audiovisuelle Räume schaffen, die in dem Moment in ein schwarzes Loch kollabieren - wenn es still ist.
Dabei ist auch von Vorteil, das ich audiovisueller Synästhetiker bin.
Musik schafft in meinem Geist sofort eine 4-dimensionale Klangskulptur.

audiovisual spaces :4-dimensional sound sculpture