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I don't want to imitate aesthetics, but rather create them.
And create super-synchronized audiovisual spaces.
It's also advantageous that I am an audiovisual synesthete.
Music instantly creates a 4-dimensional sound sculpture in my mind.

A audioframe !

 Durch eine Echtzeit Live Analyse der Musik werden
synästhetische , nie wiederkehrende synchrone Audiovisuelle Welten Live geschaffen.

Die Form definiert den Chrakter.

Die unendlichen Parameter der Musikvisualisierung sind Schauspieler die aufgrund ihrer Form ihren Charakter definieren. Genauso sehe ich die unendlichen Parameter meiner manuellen halb-automatischen Musik-Visualisierung als die Definition der Charaktereigenschaften des Schauspielers der letztlich nur Schwingung, Frequenz (dis)-Harmonie und Resonanz ist als Metapher für ein tanzendes Universum.,-😍


It is probably no coincidence that I have already given a guest lecture as a professor at the Bauhaus University Dessau. I wanted to become a professor for VJ or time-based arts, and I believe it's not by chance that I held this guest lecture precisely there because. For me, triangles, squares, and circles are specific characters. The form defines the character.



The infinite parameters of music visualization are actors who, due to their form, define their character. In the same way, I see the infinite parameters of my manual semi-automatic music visualization as the definition of the character traits of the actor, who is ultimately just vibration, frequency, (dis)harmony, and resonance as a metaphor for a dancing universe. 😍